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Talk Scary to Me - E27

NFL superstar Vernon Davis sits down in the hot seat with the ladies to discuss transitioning from sports to playing a serial killer, how to talk to your kids about dating after a divorce, double checking condoms if your with a thirsty woman, and the case that created 911 “Kitty Genovese.”

Talk Scary to Me - E26

This week the girls discuss having a “scream-off,” the details of their upcoming “TSTM After Dark” whether or not too much masturbating will ruin your sex life, and their conflicting feelings around the release of child murderer “Eric Smith.”

Talk Scary to Me - E25

This episode the girls talk about losing certain objects during sex, coming out as gay, how to be comfortable having sex naked when you're shy or have body concerns, funny stories from working on set, and of course we break down an unreal true crime case.

Talk Scary to Me -E24

The girls have a speed round, answering fan questions that involve feet, cheating, their best sex and part two of "Don't Fuck with Cats"

Talk Scary to Me - E23

On this week's episode, the girls talk about behind the scenes on their new movies, horrible on set hookups, measuring "splurge" and "don't fuck with cats"

Talk Scary to Me - E22

The girls play 3 lies one truth, Danielle’s homes and dead people, masturbating and self-care to increase your sex drive and the gnarly ghost haunting on Highway 20.

Talk Scary to Me - E21

On this week's episode the ladies give tips on how to better enjoy BJ's, weird adult breastfeeding fetishes, proper movie set etiquette, their hard NO's when it comes to sex and of course the worst roommate ever murder!

Talk Scary to Me - E20

The girls are back for another episode of "Talk Scary to Me!" On today's episode, Danielle and Scout talk about everything from Viagra, to Danielle's boob job, to how much porn guys watch a week. The girls close out the episode with another true crime case, this weeks case is the "Toolbox Killer"....
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Talk Scary to Me - E19

The girls are back, on today's episode they discuss a variety of topics including a fan question about boyfriend's not performing oral sex. The girls then breakdown a truly creepy true crime case!

Talk Scary to Me - E18

The girls dive deep into the emotional moment they hit their "bottoms" and joined SLAA, Crazy Penis Tattoos, Working on Micro-Budget Movie sets, and the most horrific American crime to date.

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